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Join green trailblazers in transitioning to low - carbon emissions, contributing to a sustainable future for Africa and beyond.
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Pioneering a transition to sustainable practices.

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Climate Fintech

Collaboration over competition

  • Carbon Accounting

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    Measure and report greenhouse gas emissions in real time. Understand environmental impact, set a baseline for improvement and strategies to reduce

  • Mitigation Tracking

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    Implement decarbonization strategies through business change and innovations, renewable energy, and other elimination strategies.

  • Transition

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    Receive the financing you need to grow and a known financial incentive to become more sustainable


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Struggle with data collection for emission accounting

Corporates & SME's in Africa face a complexity in accurate data collection and tracking of direct & indirect emissions from their value-chains. The absense of an automated & standardized emissions management & tracking solution hinders collaborative reduction efforts.
Global Optimism is an organization that catalyzes transformative actions. It’s led by Christiana Figueres and Tom Rivett-Carnac, who together oversaw the delivery of the Paris Agreement (the first global accord on climate change).

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