About Peercarbon Earth

Peercarbon embraces the goal of achieving low-carbon emissions, uniting leading global & African companies in a concerted effort to expedite collective action, foster cross-industry cooperation, and drive sustainable transformation.

Our Visions

Pioneer a global movement towards sustainable resource management, encouraging businesses and individuals to actively partake in shaping a sustainable future.

Our philosophy is grounded in the essential pillars of sustainability . We advocate for a balanced approach that promotes social equity, environmental integrity, and economic growth.

People Planet Profit

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Our priorities are in three areas of action:
  • How it all started

    Peercarbon, founded in 2023, is revolutionizing the landscape of sustainable finance in Africa. With science-based tools tailored for SMEs, Peercarbon empowers businesses to measure, manage, and reduce their CO2 emissions while connecting them with lenders prioritizing green finance. Co-founders Raymond Maiyo and Glenn Digollo recognized the necessity for accessible solutions, pivoting from their previous venture to address this gap.
    Through a lean startup model and strategic self-financing, Peercarbon has gained significant traction, attracting interest from both SMEs and impact lenders. As it prepares to raise institutional investment, Peercarbon is poised to expand its reach across Africa, driving impactful change towards a greener, more sustainable future.

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    How it all started

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