Investing for a green future

The Peercarbon Ecosystem matches SME's with verified ESG data to financial instruments that facilitate transitions and incentives from better performance of emission reductions

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Our mission

Support green-trailblazer SME's, and climate technology companies in the decarbonization of the African economy

This ecosystem aims to ensure creation of an incentive for SME's to green their business while enabling finance providers to deliver on their ESG commitments.

Partner companies

Learn more about the climate technology innovators we collaborate with.

  • Nairobi Climate Network.

Smart Recommendation

We support companies across all sizes, stages and diverse industries driving social-ecological change.

The scarcity of private sector funding for decarbonization stems from the absence of a recognized definition for transition activities, insufficient disclosure practices and the lack of incentivized financial instruments.

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    ESG Due Diligence

    Comprehensive 360-degree unified view to examine ESG aspects of a business, customers, portfolio, transactions, investments and suppliers.

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    Climate Risk Assessment

    Solutions to help SMEs and FI's understand the potential impact of climate-related factors on their operations, supply chains and overall business resilience.Involves evaluating vulnerabilities related to extreme weather conditions, resource scarcity and other climate related challenges.

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    Recommendation System

    Algorithms providing personalized suggestions to businesses, recommending sustainability practices. Green trailblazers will find the partners they need to help them on their sustainability journey.

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    Impact Measurement and Reporting

    Automated real-time monitoring of ESG data, sustainability KPIs and science-based perfomance targets. Real-time visibility and decisioning-assistance helps mitigate risks and make faster decisions.

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    Sustainability-Linked Loan Servicing

    Monitoring, verification, and reporting of environmental perfomance metrics, facilitating the integration of sustainability initiatives into the overall business strategies with a goal to align the loan terms to business' efforts.

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    Marketplace Model

    Creating a platform where SMEs can present their sustainability projects, financing needs, and related data, while financial institutions can browse through these opportunities to identify sustainable investments aligned with their ESG goals.

Start funding a greener future now

To make green financing possible, our solution considers the identification of transition activities disclosure & reporting, financing tools, incentives and mitigating social impact.

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